About Us

Lumca lights up new possibilities.

For decades, Lumca has designed and developed lighting products that are both beautiful and brilliant. We have forged an enviable reputation as a leading manufacturer that strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics, practicality and sheer innovation. Lumca truly is where form and function meet.

We tap into the needs of our clients to create jaw-dropping lighting designs that become home to ingenious features, such as tool-less maintenance, highly efficient optical systems, and detachable parts that can be mixed and matched in endless ways.

Lighting technology that remains ahead of the curve.

There’s R&D. And then there’s Lumca R&D. With an innovation-driven cultural mindset, we are committed to pushing the limits of lighting technology and architecture to whole new levels.

And just how far have we gone?

We developed Smart Tech intelligent lighting systems.

Lumca also created the intelligent Smart Pole, which features integrated technology, like safety systems and cameras, energy-saving controls, digital billboards, and multi-device and vehicle charging stations, and Wi-Fi hot spots, connects citizens to information and services that make their lives easier.

Our Luuma X Fog is a cutting-edge and eco-friendly family of lighting solutions that offer a chemical-free and smart means to mitigate the impact and issues that arise from critical urban heat islans.

Our latest brainchild, Lumca Target, is a revolutionary new mix of a powerful and efficient LED light engine, coupled with precise optical control, to deliver as many lumens as you want, directly on your target, helping our clients slash their energy bills, reduce light pollution, and in many cases, provide safe havens for endangered animals that need the dark to travel or to care for their young ones.

Lumca lights up the lives for people where they work, live, learn and play.

The future looks very bright indeed.

Lumca is paving the way for even bolder concepts and technologies for the future. From developing even smarter lighting modules to projecting light on urban infrastructure for information and entertainment purposes to making holograms a thing of the present, we’re unstoppable in our inspiration and commitment to delivering solutions that brighten the lives of people everywhere. Will you join us in the future of lighting?