The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

The fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

Lumca to manufacture coronavirus face shields for medical workers

(Québec, April 16, 2020) Lumca, a Québec-based manufacturer of lighting solutions is joining other Canadian businesses to support healthcare workers and first-line emergency responders—the public’s guardian angels—and protect them against the COVID-19 virus. Lumca is leveraging its culture of innovation and logistical know-how to begin producing thousands of coronavirus face shields. 

Lighting the way for healthcare professionals—and lighting life

“Canada’s hard-working healthcare workers need to be protected as they mitigate the spread of the virus, care for the sick and ultimately save lives. Lumca wanted to contribute to the collective effort against the pandemic. That is why we decided to pivot our entire manufacturing process to make thousands of much-needed face shields,” explained Mr. Dennis Dion, Co-owner of Lumca.

Mr. Dion continued: “Lumca’s mission has always been to light the lives of people everywhere with bold lighting solutions and products. With this never-before-seen pandemic, lighting life is naturally synonymous with social solidarity.”  

Mr. Jean-Rock Fournier, Co-owner of Lumca added: “We are here to help save lives. All of our employees are committed to lighting the lives of everyone during this trying period.”

Face shields made by Canadians—and ready to ship

“The team has been working around the clock to ready our face shields for shipment. The entire manufacturing process, which respects the highest health and safety requirements, has been planned out—from procurement to design to assembly to logistics. We have carefully set up our production workflows to ensure the maximum protection for healthcare professionals and patients inflicted with COVID-19,” said Mr. Fournier. 

Lumca is calling on all decision-makers in the healthcare field to contact the company for personal protective equipment (PPE) needs. “We can easily use our innovative thinking and agility to develop other types of PPE,” added Mr. Dion.

“Every little initiative counts,” said Mr. Luc Fortin, Lumca’s Industrial Designer. “Unprecedented times call for unprecedented ingenuity and unity. We stand with our fellow businesses and healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19.”

About Lumca

For over 30 years, Lumca has been lighting people’s lives by designing and developing outdoor lighting products that strike the perfect balance between trend-setting aesthetics, practical functionality and the latest technologies. The company’s innovative solutions, which are implemented across North America, stand out for their bold and visionary approach to lighting. Lumca’s enviable reputation as an ahead-of-the-curve and ingenious manufacturer make the company a go-to partner for a city looking to harness the tremendous potential of smart city technologies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Lumca aims to help protect the health and safety of communities everywhere.


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