The new LIO family, part of Lumca’s Urban-Cozy category, will grace the streets of Water Street TampaTM

QUÉBEC CITY, Canada and TAMPA, Florida, May 18, 2021 – Lumca, a Canadian-based pioneer in designing and manufacturing ahead-of-the-curve urban lighting solutions, including the industry’s first Smart Pole, is thrilled to announce the launch of the brand-new Urban-Cozy lighting category.

Lumca’s new LIO Urban-Cozy lighting family redefines what it means to light life outdoors. These new lights bring the coziness of indoor light fixtures to warm outdoor LED lights for a wide array of applications, including smart cities, urban development or renewal projects, city parks and waterfronts, businesses, venues, and so much more.

LIO: Lumca’s first Urban-Cozy lighting family

Today, Lumca is also launching its first family of Urban-Cozy lights, LIO.

“LIO outdoor lighting products draw their inspiration from the clean, simple lines and comforting, enveloping light renderings found in interior fixtures, from which it takes its name: Lumca Inside Out,” explained Luc Fortin, Lumca’s Product Designer. “The design of the luminaire is totally human-centered in terms of its appearance, installation system, maintenance, end-of-life cycle and lighting performance.”

The luminaire is equipped with a remote connection system (IoT) that allows it to modulate the lighting intensity according to the place where the luminaire is installed, the time of the day and the season. Its optical system is equipped with an anti-glare glass lens that evens out the light. The luminaire in its morphology eliminates the intrusive luminous flux as well as the uplight, minimizing its impact on light pollution. The modularity of the parts that make it up allows the product to be customized in terms of its surface finish, both in terms of color and texture.

Lumca’s Urban-Cozy lights @ Water Street TampaTM

LIO lights, mounted on Lumca’s Smart Poles, were developed as part of the Water Street TampaTM project to revitalize the waterfront section of downtown Tampa.

Building on decades of thinking about what makes an urban neighborhood great, Water Street TampaTM prioritizes wellness and outdoor living, with walkable streets connecting homes, offices, stores and hotels along an accessible waterfront. Water Street TampaTM has achieved the WELL Design & Operations (“D&O”) designation under the WELL Community Standard, the first neighborhood to obtain this designation globally, and is on track to become the first WELL-certified community in the world.

This new mixed-use district, located on 56-acres of land in downtown Tampa, is being spearheaded by Strategic Property Partners (SPP), a full-service real estate development firm. In collaboration with SPP and Sesco Lighting, one of the largest lighting manufacturer’s representatives in the world, Lumca co-created the outdoor lights to fulfill SPP’s unprecedented design and smart-city technology vision. SPP and Lumca also worked with Tillotson Design Associates, based in New York, to develop the public realm lighting strategy.

“From the very beginning our work on Water Street TampaTM was a perfect example of how ingenuity, technical know-how and cohesiveness between business partners can elevate an urban development project in ways never before seen,” explained Dennis Dion, Lumca’s Co-President. “We are tremendously proud to be a part of the project, which undoubtedly will set the stage for all future smart city growth across North America.”

“Water Street Tampa is pioneering a holistic wellness-based approach to urban development and we are proud to debut new custom LIO lights from Lumca. We appreciate Lumca’s willingness to customize an innovative product that delivers comfortable, uniform lighting throughout our public spaces balancing utility with an enjoyable end-user experience,” said Darren J. Morse from SPP.

“We developed, shipped and delivered a whole new lighting product—a fully custom smart pole and design project in less than a year. We could not have done it without Lumca,” added Brittany Dytrych from Sesco Lighting.


Lumca lights life—and new possibilities. For decades, Lumca has designed and developed lighting products that are both beautiful and brilliant. We have forged an enviable reputation as a leading manufacturer that strikes the perfect balance between aesthetics, practicality and sheer innovation. Lumca is the company behind the industry’s first Smart Pole and Urban-Cozy lighting category.

Lumca truly is where form and function meet. We tap into the needs of our clients to create jaw-dropping lighting designs that become home to ingenious features, such as tool-less maintenance, highly efficient optical systems, and detachable parts that can be mixed and matched in endless ways. For more information, visit


Strategic Property Partners, LLC (SPP) is a full-service real estate developer, owner and operator focused on world-class execution, innovation, and creating high quality and experiential places.

SPP’s first project, Water Street Tampa, is being developed on 56 acres of contiguous land the company owns in downtown Tampa along the waterfront. The phased Water Street Tampa development project commenced vertical construction in 2018, and is revitalizing the downtown core into an urban, mixed-use waterfront district consisting of approximately 9 million square feet of new commercial, residential, hospitality, cultural, entertainment, education, and retail uses, totaling over $3 billion in private investment from SPP. The company is owned and capitalized through a partnership between Cascade Investment LLC, and Jeff Vinik. For more information, please visit


In 1967, Mike Segal founded SESCO; he was joined shortly thereafter by Murray Graham, as an equal partner. People often think lighting products were central to our business from the beginning, but it wasn’t until 1973 that SESCO began representing lighting manufacturers. Something else centered in the ethos of our company enabled our evolution—a focus on relationships.

This focus set us on a path to growth that has not slowed to this day. In 1998, SESCO completed the acquisition of Lighting Sales and Design, a Georgia based lighting manufacturer’s representative company. In 1999, we expanded globally, with our first office in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Today, SESCO is the largest lighting manufacturer’s representative company in the United States, perhaps the world. For more information, visit


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